The commitment of the Parliament of Montenegro to parliamentary diplomacy, international and regional cooperation, is manifested through its active participation in organised multilateral meetings, sessions of parliamentary assemblies of international organizations, such as: OSCE, NATO, Council of Europe, PA-SEECP, CEI-PD, PA-UfM, PAM, and IPU, meetings organised within the semi-annual presidency of the EU, and other forms of parliamentary gatherings.

Furthermore, the Parliament of Montenegro is a member of numerous multilateral regional initiatives, such as: Adriatic-Ionian Initiative (AII), Conference of Parliamentarians of the Danube Region, Conference of the European Integration Parliamentary Committees of the States Participating in the Stabilisation and Association Process in South East Europe (COSAP), and Conference of Foreign Affairs Committees of the Republic of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Croatia, and Montenegro, in which parliamentarians from the Western Balkans region, as well as from the EU member states, also participate.

By participating in regional initiatives, the Parliament of Montenegro has demonstrated its commitment to promotion of the already established good cooperation with parliaments of the countries in the region and the world, by actively participating in sessions of parliamentary assemblies of international organisations.

In the capacity of observer, the Parliament of Montenegro participates in the meetings which bring together the representatives of national parliaments of the EU member states, and which are organised during the semi-annual rotating presidency of the EU.

It is important to point out the significance of the possibility of active participation of representatives of the Parliament of Montenegro in the said meetings, primarily with a view to exercising regular political dialogue of Montenegrin MPs' with their colleagues from the national parliaments of EU.

Participation in meetings which are organised within the parliamentary dimension of the semi-annual presidency of the EU also has special significance because of the possibility of learning about the manner of functioning of the EU, as well as participating in discussions regarding the key economic, social, foreign policy and other issues relating to the vitality of the functioning of the Union, as well as the establishment and improvement of parliamentary diplomacy with its member states. Since Montenegro obtained the candidate status, members of the Parliament of Montenegro have actively participated in meetings of the Conference of Parliamentary Committees for Union Affairs of Parliaments of the European Union (COSAC), and inter-parliamentary conferences for the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) and Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), as well as other forms of gathering of chairpersons of parliamentary committees.