Miodrag Radunović

Place and Date of Birth: Berane, 9 October 1959

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1972 - Primary school: “Vukašin Radunović”, Berane

1976 - Grammar school “Panto Mališić”, Berane

1982 - Faculty of Medicine, Niš

1990 - Specialisation: General Surgery, Clinical Center of Serbia, Faculty of Medicine, Belgrade

2000 - Post-graduate studies: Faculty of Medicine, Belgrade; Topic: “Anatomical features and measuring of the approximate muscle tension when treating defects in the inguinal region”

2006 - PhD studies: Faculty of Medicine, Belgrade; Topic: “The volume of operative trauma in classical and minilaparotomy cholecystectomy”

2008 - Primarius: Ministry of Health of Montenegro

Professional experience:

2015 -2016 - Advisor to the Prime Minister of Montenegro

2012 - Lecturer at academic and post-graduate studies, applied specialist studies at the Faculty of Economics

2012 - Associate professor, Faculty of Medicine, Podgorica, for the course: "Surgery - hepatobiliary surgery”

2009-2012 - Minister of Health of Montenegro

2007 - Senior lecturer for the course: "Surgery - hepatobiliary surgery”, Faculty of Medicine, Podgorica;

2006-2009 - Minister of Health, Work and Social Welfare of Montenegro

2004 -2006 – Member of the Parliament of Montenegro

2004-2006 - Surgical Clinics, Clinical Centre, Podgorica

2004-2006 - Teaching assistant for the course: “Surgery”, Faculty of Medicine, Podgorica;

2001 -2002 – Member of the Parliament of Montenegro

1998-2003 - Director of public health institution General Hospital, Berane

1998 -2000 - Member of the Parliament of Montenegro

1997-2003 - Teacher in the High School of Medicine, Berane, for the course: “Surgery”

1984-1997 - Surgical department of General Hospital, Berane

1983-1985 - Teacher in the High School of Medicine, Berane

1982-1984 - Primary Health Care Centre, Berane

- Mentor at graduate, master and PhD studies.

*List of the mentorship available upon request

Professional reference/ professional development:

8-11 October 2014 - First International Congress of Physiotherapists of Montenegro, Igalo, Montenegro

30 June– 4 July 2014 - ECPD VI International Summer School of cardiovascular diseases: Risk factor control, diagnostic and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, Miločer, Montenegro

30 May – 1 June 2014 ECPD International Specialist School: Modern achievements in prevention, therapy and rehabilitation of addictive diseases, Kotor, Montenegro

23-27 May 2014 - ECPD International Summer School Management of Health Institutions: Health care systems of South Eastern Europe at the crossroads view to the future after a decade of reforms, Miločer, Montenegro

2013 - Ministerial Conference on Universal Health Coverage, Turkey

17 September 2013 - EACCME-Postgraduate course - How to cure and maintain a healthy stomach, Miločer, Montenegro

15-17 November 2012- 6th Meeting of International Endohernia Society organised by Serbian Hernia Society, Belgrade

25-29 June 2012 - ECPD III International Summer School: Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, Miločer

2011 - I Ministerial Global Conference on Healthy Lifestyles and Non-Communicable Disease Control, Moscow

19-20 November 2010- 4th Intensive Balkan Telemedicine and E- Health Seminar, Podgorica

2008-2009 - Member of the Steering Committee of the University of Montenegro

14 – 17 December 2007 - Basics of health management, organised by the Faculty of Medicine, University of Zagreb, Pržno - Sveti Stefan, Budva

2004 - IX Central-European Congress on Coloproctology, Belgrade

2004 - VI Word International Congress on Hepato-Biliary Surgery, Washington

2004 - IV Symposium of Coloproctology, Belgrade

2003 - II International hernia Congress, London

2002 - XLI International Congress of Yugoslavian Anthropological Society, Tivat

1998 - XX International Yugoslavian Surgical Congress, Zlatibor

1995 - II Yugoslavian Congress of Urgent Surgery and Traumatology, Budva

1989 - XVIII International SFRY Surgical Congress , Sarajevo


- School of endoscopy, Division of Gastroenterology, MMA Belgrade (Dr Milentije Petrović)

- Basic workshop on laparoscopic surgery, Clinical Hospital Centre Dr “Dragiša Mišović” Belgrade

- Workshops on laparoscopic sewing, Surgery Clinic of the Medical Faculty Novi Sad

- Training in laparoscopic surgery, Surgery Clinic of the Clinical Centre Novi Sad, General Hospital "Senta”

- Workshops on herniology, Surgery Clinic Niš

- Implants of General Hospital in Pančevo

- Tensionless techniques - General Hospital in Zrenjanin, General Hospital in Senta, General Hospital in Berane

- Member of the Federation of European Digestive Surgical Society

Foreign languages:  

- English language: Course level B2, Human Resources Administration

- He has basic knowledge of the German language.