Mijomir Pejović

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Vise President of Democratic Montenegro
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

He lives in Budva. He graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, specialising in Terrorism and Organized Crime. He graduated from the School of Democratic Leadership.

He was a councillor in the Assembly of the Municipality of Budva in several mandates, and he performs this function now.

He was the spokesperson of the Municipality of Budva in the period 2004 - 2005.

He has been present on the political scene of Montenegro for many years, covering important social and political positions. He was a spokesperson of the Assembly of the Municipality of Budva.

He is a Former cadet football player for the national team of Montenegro.

He is married to his wife Tijana and father of two children - Đuro and Milica.

He has been Vice President of Democratic Montenegro since 14 June 2015.

At the parliamentary elections held of 16 October 2016, he was elected Member of the Parliament of Montenegro.