Friday, 08 December 2017 12:54

President of the Parliament opens XIX Cetinje Parliamentary Forum

  • In civilisation, democracy is probably a term that evokes the most trust, but also mistrust. Today it got a competitor: the media are talked about, argued about and discussed with the same passion as democracy. Democracy and mass media are indispensable to each other, like opposition and position. In that conflict, like in the big bang, a new world and a new idea are created. Primarily owing to information – President of the Parliament, Mr Ivan Brajović, said today at the opening of the XIX Cetinje Parliamentary Forum (CPF) on the topic “Parliament and mass communications”.

Mr Brajović stressed that today, primarily via mass media, the expert and layman public examine every day whether elected representatives of citizens have met democratic requirements and assesed that in the event of the negative response, the punishment would be received in the elections: 

  • The basic principles of democracy lie precisely in this system of work which includes valorisation, re-examination and - in the end - responsibility, or the defense of democracy. But, as in any democratic society, our opinion is not shared by everyone. And they have their instruments to say that freely and publicly. These are primarily mass media. That is the elementary right of every citizen, as well as every of each media, to choose their course and commitment. This is an indispensable condition for the rule of law.

President of the Parliament also stressed that democracy was not a letter on paper, but a speech of transparency and determination that every citizen by voting and through participation in the government and civil sector influenced the implementation of the basic democratic principles and concluded:

  • We should not get carried away with consensus, but we have to strive for it. This brings us back to the basic democratic principles that the essence of progress is in dialogue, in the participation of the minority in the majority democracy. If not in decision-making, than in the examination and public discussion on all possible forms of decision-making and actions that are necessary for the existence and well-being of a community - said the President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr Ivan Brajović, at the end of his speech.

The discussion held at the Ministry of Culture in Cetinje, within two panels "Democracy in Digital Era" and "The Truth in the Post-Truth Age" gatheres parliamentarians from the countries of the region and Montenegro, media representatives and non-governmental organisations, as well as eminent experts in the field of communications, the diplomatic corps and the students of relevant faculties.

At the end of the Cetinje Parliamentary Forum, the adoption of the Joint Statement of Participants is envisaged.

On the occasion of the CPF, an exhibition "Art Collection of the Parliament of Montenegro" is opened in the Ministry of Culture in Cetinje. The citizens of the Old Royal Capital and their guests will be able to see the exhibition until 18 December.

Cetinje Parliamentary Forum is the autochthonous regional initiative of parliamentary cooperation of South East European countries on their path towards the EU, and an important form of encouragement and promotion of parliamentary dialogue between the countries of the region.

Full Introductory Speech by President Brajović



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