Friday, 08 December 2017 15:56

CPF Joint Statement adopted

At the 19th Cetinje Parliamentary Forum, on the topic “Parliament and mass communications”, held on 7 and 8 December 2017, in the organisation of the Parliament of Montenegro, the following was adopted:



  • Participants of the CPF welcome all forms of communication aimed at improving parliamentary cooperation, as well as cooperation between parliaments and citizens whose choice they represent.
  • The importance of involving media and non-governmental organisations in the work of the CPF was highlighted, through their contribution to the debate and conclusions.
  • The consent was reached that transparency of work and availability of all relevant information to citizens were of great importance for the democratic work of parliaments.
  • It was recognised that that mass communication play an important role in the greater involvement of citizens in politics and democratic processes as a whole.
  • The importance of digital media was recognised through their availability in providing information, inclusion, understanding, and building trust between citizens and institutions.
  • It was noted that, channels of communication - regardless of whether they are new or traditional media - play a key role in interaction with citizens.
  • All participants agree that responsibility for truthful, objective and timely information is borne by both decision-makers and all other stakeholders of the process in which the civil sector and the media play a crucial role.