Since it was founded in 1955, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly has provided a unique specialised forum for parliamentarians of the North Atlantic Alliance aimed at developing discussion and opportunities for decision-making on issues dealing with the Alliance's security. The Assembly’s work and activities facilitate parliamentary dialogue and understanding on key issues related to the security of the Euro-Atlantic area and support national parliamentary oversight of the defence and security policy. The activities of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly significantly  contribute to the strengthening of the transatlantic relations and values that the Alliance supports, and the Parliamentary Assembly, although institutionally separate from NATO, provides a fundamental link in this relationship, allowing for greater transparency of NATO policies and encouraging a better understanding of the goals and missions among legislators and citizens of the Alliance.

Since the end of the Cold War, the Assembly has assumed a new role by integrating into its work parliamentarians from countries seeking a closer association with NATO.  Through this form of parliamentary diplomacy, the Assembly contributes to mutual understanding and strengthening of parliamentary democracy throughout the Euro-Atlantic region and beyond, thus complementing and strengthening its own partnership and cooperation program.

The NATO Parliamentary Assembly consists of 269 delegates from 30 member states nominated by national parliaments in accordance with their national procedures, with each delegation reflecting the size of the country and the political composition of the parliament, thus providing a broad spectrum of political opinions.

In addition to NATO country delegates, delegates from 12 associate countries, 4 Mediterranean associate countries, as well as 8  parliamentary observer delegations take part in its activities, bringing the total number of delegates to approximately 360.

Interparliamentary assemblies, such as the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly (OSCE PA) and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), also send their representatives to participate in the meetings organised by the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

The European Parliament is entitled to send ten delegates to Assembly Sessions and can participate in most Committee and Sub-Committee activities.

Delegation of the Parliament of Montenegro to the NATO PA consists of the following:

- Branimir Gvozdenović, Head of Delegation
- Genci Nimanbegu, member of Delegation
- Nebojša Medojević, member of Delegation
- Branko Čavor, Deputy Head of Delegation
- Luiđ Škrelja, alternate member of Delegation

Secretary of Delegation is Zorana Baćović - also the Secretary of the Security and Defence Committee of the Parliament of Montenegro.

Contact details:

Phone Number: +382 20 404 594

Fax: +382 20 404 538

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